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Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Cast Iron Grove Gear IronMan GR Series
Cast Iron Grove Gear IronMan NH Series
Aluminum Electra-Gear EL Series 
Grove Gear WASHGUARD GR Series
Single Reduction Worm
Double Reduction Worm-Worm
Double Reduction Helical-Worm

Ratio Multipliers

Cast Iron Grove Gear GR Series
Aluminum Electra-Gear EL Series
Grove Gear SS (Stainless Steel) Series

High Efficiency Gear Reducers

Parallel Shaft
Stainless Steel and WashGuard
Modified Stock Units

Grove Gear Trademarks... 
Grove Gear FLEX-A-LINE Series
Grove Gear IRONMAN Series
Grove Gear Stainless Steel Series
Grove Gear LeCentric Series
Grove Gear Bravo Series
Grove Gear E Series
Grove Gear GOLD Series
Grove Gear FLEX-A-CLEAN Series
Grove Gear FLEX-IN-LINE Series
Grove Gear TORQUELINE Series
Grove Gear OE Series
Alling-Lander OE Series
Leeson IRONMAN Series
Ohio Gear IRONMAN Series
Electra-Gear Hi-Pro
Electra-Gear ElecTrack
Electra-Gear ELECTRA-LINE Series
Electra-Gear Drywell Series
Leeson HYDRO-MEC Series

How to Inquire and Order ...

1)  Call, email, or simply complete the form below, requesting a quotation.  Please include as much information as possible with your inquiry.  Pictures of the unit, including the serial tag, are extremely helpful, and can be sent to my email address ... sales@davis-ohio.com

2)  I will respond to you with a formal quotation, including a quotation number.

3)  If you wish to move forward with an order, we will work out the details, such as shipping and payment information, via email or other means convenient to you.

Thanks in advance for your inquiry,

Dave Stevens, Jr.,  Grove Gear/Electra-Gear Sales
Davis Industries, Inc.
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